Feminist judgments projects: the Brazilian experience


Fabiana Cristina Severi
Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Direito de Ribeirão Preto


Court decision, Feminism, Feminist Legal Theory, Anti-racism


This book is the first outcome of the project "Rewriting Judgments from Feminist Perspectives in Brazil," which has been running since August 2021. The project has brought together a collaborative effort involving professors, researchers, and law students from various higher education institutions all over Brazil. What unites these people is their commitment and dedication to rewrite judgments handed down by Brazilian courts of different types of jurisdiction now through the lens of feminist and anti-racist legal theoretical approaches and methodologies. With five chapters dedicated to presenting the conceptual frameworks and the context analyses underlying the project, followed by 22 rewritten judgment, this book‘s aim is to broaden the understanding of and appreciation for the proposed approaches. It is our hope that this work will inspire students and professionals in the legal field to recognize the depth and intricacy of the perspectives presented herein and to acknowledge their relevance in the multitude of cases brought before court on a daily basis.


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novembro 2, 2023


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