New centrality : urban Project. Hospital neighborhood in Lagarto-SE : northeast complex of hospital


Jeferson C. Tavares
Universidade de São Paulo. Instituto de Arquitetura e Urbanismo de São Carlos


Urbanism (Lagarto-SE), Public hospital, Neighborhood, Urban design, Public spaces


The urban project of New Centrality in the city of Lagarto, Sergipe (SE) was the result of interdisciplinary work between the Research, Teaching and Extension Practices in Urbanism Group - PExURB, Group of the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism (IAU-USP), the Pio XII Foundation and the Municipal City Hall of Lagarto-SE for the implementation of the hospital neighborhood of the Northeast Complex of the Hospital de Amor. The project was elaborated with the collaboration of about 40 specialists from the fields of architecture and urbanism, social sciences, health, civil engineering, environment, law, social assistance, and public management. The process took into account the complexity of the hospital logic and also the interaction involving nature, economic factors, the city, the region and its population.


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outubro 20, 2022


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