Adaptation and public policies at the São Paulo macro metropolis: a science-policy approach


Pedro Henrique Campello Torres
Universidade de São Paulo. Instituto de Energia e Ambiente
Pedro Roberto Jacobi
Universidade de São Paulo. Instituto de Energia e Ambiente
Fabiana Barbi
Universidade Estadual de Campinas. Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas Ambientais
Leandra Regina Gonçalves
Universidade de São Paulo. Instituto de Energia e Ambiente


Governança ambiental, Planejamento territorial, Macrometropole paulista, Mudança climática, Sustentabilidade


The book brings together leading national and international researchers in a remarkable and pioneering interdisciplinary academic effort that covers in depth in its 21 chapters all the relevant aspects of the theme of adaptation to change. For the Paulista Macrometropolis of more than 25 million inhabitants, reflecting a diversity of perspectives. It describes in detail the ongoing climate change, its impacts and the future risks to São Paulo Macrometropolis (SPMM) in terms of human health, natural disasters, mobility and economic development. At the same time, it addresses the various dimensions of public adaptation policies and suggests paths for their implementation, including bringing examples from other metropolises around the world towards human well being, poverty reduction and environmental preservation for a sustainable and resilient macrometropolis. It is a book aimed at a wide range of readers, from college students and researchers interested in its multiple topics, to virtually all policy-makers by the centrality of the topic on sustainable development, to the public at large who wants quality information on climate change and the SPMM.


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novembro 24, 2020


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